Other Services

Behavioral Services/Social Work

We offer primary mental health care and social services at all of our clinic locations. Appointments can be scheduled through those clinics or by calling (409) 772-2166 or (409) 772-2222.

Our providers:

Gulf Health Care Center

Our department provides medical care to the residents of the Gulf Health Care Center nursing home, located at 3702 Cove View Boulevard in Galveston, Texas. Physicians see the residents on-site, and provide continuous care and health care assessment, disease prevention, health promotion, women's health services, and diagnosis and management of chronic diseases.

Ball High Teen Prenatal Clinic

Our department provides medical care to the students of the Galveston Independent School District and members of the public under aged 18 at the Ball High School Teen Prenatal Clinic, located at 4115 Avenue O (Ball High School) in Galveston, Texas. Physicians see the patients on-site and provide continuous prenatal care.

Tuere Coulter, MD is the medical director of the Ball High Teen Prenatal Clinic.

Integrative Oncology Services

Our department provides a full range of services for those interested in the prevention of cancer, support during cancer treatment, and tools for survivors of cancer. Victor Sierpina, MD provides consultations at at the Family Medicine Clinic – Island West.