Residents Present at Resident Research Day

May 31, 2013, 14:57 PM by Julia Essex

The UTMB Health Department of Family Medicine hosted its annual Resident Research Day on May 30 in the Primary Care Pavilion. Seven posters were presented, and three research teams also gave presentations on their projects. Faculty and residents attended the event and participated in scholarly discussion of the various projects.

Faculty in the Department of Family Medicine Research Program oversaw the event. Susan Weller, PhD, Professor and Director of the Research Program, commented that the residents’ work was “well done”, Dr. Angela Shepherd, Associate Professor and a principal investigator with more than a decade of experience in clinical research, worked closely with many of the residents to develop and refine their posters. Also providing instruction and guidance were Alvah R. Cass, MD, SM, Professor and Vice Chair, and Brett Howrey, PhD, Assistant Professor.

Residents in the Family Medicine Residency Program are expected to participate in research during their training, and the program places an emphasis on the importance of systematic inquiry and data analysis for scholarship and continuous quality improvement. Residents are given opportunities to participate on projects conducted by faculty members, as well as mentorship on their own projects by faculty members.


Soujanya Challa, MD gave a presentation, Thyroid Nodule.

Rechelle Asirot, MD, Manju Mahajan, MD, and Maimoona Nizami, MD gave a presentation on their project, A Comparison of the Male Osteoporosis Risk Estimation Score (MORES) & the FRAXr to Identity Men at Risk for Osteoporosis.

Saquib Ansari, MD and Jose Perez-Enriquez, MD presented their continuous quality improvement (CQI) project, Diabetes Health Maintenance at UTMB Family Medicine.


Prett Mangat, MD and Karen Welch, MD presented a poster entitled A Case of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease in a Healthcare Worker Followed by Branchial Plexus Neuritis.

Erick Alvarez, MD, Peter Beshara, MD, and Sameera Jabeen, MD presented a poster entitled An Infrequent Side Effect of a Frequently Used Medication.

Laura Porterfield, MD presented a poster entitled Hypereosinophilia in an Asymptomatic Immigrant: A Case of Strongyloides Steroralis Infection.

Annie Jan, MD and Madiha Khan, MD presented a poster entitled Necrotizing Fasciitis in a Poorly-controlled Diabetic Male.

Naiomi Jamal, MD and Osama Mohamed, MD presented a poster entitled Toakotsobo Cardiomyopathy Following a Seizure.

Hammad Qureshi, MD, Manju Mahajan, MD, and Sara Javed, DO presented a poster entitled The Accuracy of CORE Readmission Rick calculator (CORE-RRc) in Predicting Readmission Rate in Heart Failure Patients.

Soujanya Challa, MD and Sai Palepu, MD presented a poster entitled Laryngeal Tuberculosis.

Myers Hurt, III, MD presented a poster entitled Novel Colposcopy Simulation Model for Standardizing Resident Training

Rechelle Asirot, MD and Manju Mahajan, MD giving their presentation at Resident Research Day on May 30, 2013.
Soujanya Challa, MD, Juan Carlos Hernandez-Garcia, MD, and Monica Prado, MD discussing the research projects at Resident Research Day on May 30, 2013.
Myers Hurt, III, MD discusses his poster with Michael Olson, PhD at Resident Research Day on May 30, 2013.
Susan Weller, PhD and Alvah R. Cass, MD, SM discussing a resident research poster at Resident Research Day on May 30, 2013.
Peter Beshara, MD discussing his research poster with a group of faculty and residents at Resident Research Day on May 30, 2013.
Hammad Qureshi, MD and Sara Javed, DO discussing their poster with a group of faculty at Resident Research Day on May 30, 2013.