Our Department


UTMB Health’s Department of Family Medicine is committed to building systems in which our patients, learners, and team members can thrive. We view diversity, equity, and inclusion as a source of strength, and we value and welcome the differences in perspective and experience that each of us brings. We are committed to the cultivation and preservation of individual identity and we strive to go beyond acceptance of differences, to appreciating and valuing the benefits those differences bring to the department.  


  • Regular meetings of a workgroup commissioned to promote departmental diversity, equity, and inclusion through workshops, education and other experiences.
  • Continually reviewing and updating our policies, procedures, and practices for equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Promoting social justice and anti-racist practices.
  • Speaking out any time microaggressions, discrimination, or bias is observed, promoting a safe environment that is free from the fear of retaliation.
  • Identifying and addressing areas of disparity in the health of our patients.
  • Embracing recruitment strategies that reach members of underrepresented groups and supporting retention, and mentorship of our diverse department.
  • Bringing forth new knowledge through DEI research and scholarship.
  • Engaging in conversation and response to current events in ways that are effective and compassionate, particularly to those who are most impacted by them.
  • Promoting cultural humility and cultural sensitivity as we educate students and residents empowering them to be advocates for themselves and our patients.
  • Serving as advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion for members of the department and for our patients, community and state.

Members of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workgroup

The following individual meet regularly to discuss, plan and implement ideas in support of our commitment to departmental diversity, equity and inclusion.


Kendall M. Campbell, MD
Shannon Guillot-Wright, PhD
Kaitlin Leckie, PhD
Samuel Mathis, MD
Ernst Nicanord, MD
Laura Porterfield, MD
Cathy Xie, DO

Clinical & Administrative Staff

Cassi Boatwright - Admin
Creshonda Collins - Admin
Zanita Gaither - Clinic Practice Manager
K-Yana Lawrence, LVN - Island West Clinic
Stephanie Perez - Medical Assistant Dickinson Clinic
Jaclyn Sierra - Patient Services Supervisor Island East Clinic


Jessica Anderson, MD - PGY3
Kasiemobie Okonkwo, MD - PGY2