Residency Introduces Quarterly Support Groups

Jun 01, 2018

The Resident Support Group meets quarterly and offers a structured forum to promote the developing resident’s well-being and an opportunity to explore emotions provoked by challenging cases, the doctor-patient relationship and the role of the physician. The goal is for the resident to develop effective communication and interpersonal skills while dealing with the positive and negative aspects of the residency in a supportive atmosphere. Support groups will meet quarterly per class.

PGY-1: Provide the skills and group support necessary to learn and to grow during the challenging internship year. Topics may include: general goals/aspirations, fears and expectations of residents; transition into residency, feelings of insecurity, or wellness goals

PGY-2: Focus on the complexities of the Doctor-Patient relationship and explores all relationships as they contribute to the practice of medicine. Topics may include: work-life balance, difficult patient interactions, or the “human” side of medicine

PGY-3: Focus on the residents' complex transition from residency to early career. Topics may include: employment search, handling medical errors, resident autonomy, or feeling “checked-out”

The support groups are facilitated by faculty but are led by the residents. The facilitator will provide support for the resident, but it is also an opportunity for residents to receive support from each other.



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